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The Chinese Shaolin Center of South Salt Lake is dedicated to keeping the traditional martial arts and disciplines of the Shaolin Temple. This centuries old art, it's exercises, and disciplines are suitable for practitioners of all fitness levels. Classes are structured for Adults although this center accepts students of all ages above 10yrs old. What you will learn here is the best and most traditional kung fu, tai chi and self defense used by Shaolin monks for the last 1500 years.

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Kung Fu students in front of Shaolin Temple, birth place of Asian Martial Arts

Shaolin Kung Fu (Shaolin Gung Fu)

Martial Artist testing over Shaolin Kung Fu forms

The Chinese Shaolin Center of Utah  

Chinese Shaolin Center for Martial Arts kung fu and tai chi

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We are now offering martial arts lessons online via Facebook.

If you are a current Shaolin student and you have an active membership, you are welcome to join us to train from home.

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Brown Belt Material

Chie Ch'ien "Connecting Fist"Pai Hao Ch'uan Tse - "White Crane Circles The Wings"
Pai Hao Huan Tse - "White Crane Flips The Wings"
Pai Hao Huan Ch'iao - "White Crane Flips The Legs"Ching Kang Fu Hu Ch'ien - "Tiger Descends The Golden Mountain"Hai Lung Ch'ang - "Sea Dragon's Cane"Se Mien Pa Fang Kuen - "4 Faces 8 Directions Single End Staff"Kwan Kung Tao - "General Kwan Kung Long Handled Broadsword"Yeh Ch'an Pa Fang Tao - "8 Directions Night Battle Broadsword"Lou T'ien - "Descend From Heaven"
Ch'an Ie - "Spreading of the Feathers"
Yen He - "Performing Swallow"Lien Wu Chang - "Five Directions Palm"T'ie Ch'a - "Iron Ruler"

Black Belt Material

Endurance Punch & Kick Class - Required for Advancement
One Step Training/Chin Na
Hei He' Shou Chao - “Black Crane Defends the Nest”Advanced Sparring - Gloves & Headgear Required
Northern Tan Tui - Lohan Short Forms
Tai Chi/PaKua Blindfold PushHands w Applications / Chin Na / Northern Tan TuiChiang Hsu Lian Hsi - “Practice of the Spear Fighting Techniques” (Shao-Lin Northern Spear)Luo Chia Chiang - “Luo Family Spear” (Shao-Lin Northern Spear)Pan Loong Pang - “Entwine the Dragon Staff”Tien Ta Suang Hu Tou Gou - “Double Tiger Hook Swords Shake the Heavens”Tang Lang Chien - “Advanced Mantis form with Ground Fighting Techniques”Classical Pa Kua Chang - “Taoist 8 Changes of the Palm” Sections 1-4 w/ ApplicationsClassical Pa Kua Chang - “Taoist 8 Changes of the Palm” Sections 5-7 w/ ApplicationsClassical Pa Kua Chang - “8 Changes of the Palm” Sections 1-8 Full/Half Sections w/ ApplicationsChin Na 2-Person Fighting Set - Grappling Application & Countering
Endurance Punch & Kick Class - Required for Advancement
Pa Huang Chien - “8 Directional Sword”Ie Pu Tui Ta & Ie Pu Fa Shu - “1-Step Sparring Skills” (Evasive Footwork)Northern Tan Tui - “Shao-Lin Long Fist/Springy Legs” LoHans 1-30 w/ ApplicationsMei Hua Chiang - “Plum Blossom Spear”Yang Chia Chiang - “Classical Yang Family Spear”Se Mien Pa Fang Suang Tao - “Double BroadSwords”T’ien Ta Shu Hu T’ao Kou - “Double Tiger Hook Swords Shake the Heavens”Shantung Hei Hu Tao Hsin - “Shantung Black Tiger Yanks Out The Heart”Shantung Hei Hu Chuan Sen - “Shantung Black Tiger Turns its Body”Shantung Hei Hu Huan Sen - “Shantung Black Tiger Flips It’s Body”Shantung Hei Hu Shou Shang - “Shantung Black Tiger Wounded”


"Hsing I Liu He’ Kuen"
Saturdays, December 2nd (9AM – 10AM) for 4 Weeks
OPEN To: Brown Belts & Above
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"Street Smarts & Practical Self-Defense vs. Knives, Sticks & Guns"
Thursday, December 14th, (7:30pm - 10pm)
OPEN To: Brown Belts & Above
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He’ Hsiang Ku’s SWORD & WHISK Festival
Taoist 8 Drunken Immortal’s Double Weapon seminar

Saturday, December 9th 10AM – 12Noon
OPEN To: White Belts & Above