Beginner Level Martial Arts Classes

Beginner Tai Chi Class

Our Beginner Tai Chi Class is an introduction to the Internal Arts and Meditation. Each Tai Chi class begins with meditation and the continuous chi kung postures. We then practice the 24 posture combined tai chi chuan. Afterwards we break into small groups and learn the fundamentals of this particular Tai Chi form including the fighting applications and push-hand training. Although Tai Chi is gentle enough for practitioners of any fitness level, the complexity and principles of the form can be a challenge for all athletes. There have been numerous studies on the benefits of Tai Chi and Meditation for all ages. Indeed you may find it essential for your health and longevity.

Beginner Kung Fu Class

Our beginner level kung fu class begins with brief meditation, followed by a rigorous warm-up including calisthenics, stretching and practice of basic punches and kicks. We then spar to pressure test and gain further understanding of the martial arts material. We then break into ranks and begin learning the techniques necessary to graduate to higher ranks. In the begin levels you will learn weapons training and routines, grappling and self-defense techniques, advanced sparring strategies and attack combinations and empty-hand/animal forms that teach a variety of complex fight techniques and strategies.

Wooden Man/Iron Bone Class

Our Wooden Man & Iron Bone Class begins with explosive Fa-Ching training, followed by iron bone conditioning designed to increase bone density through impact and vibration. We then break into groups based on level and drill techniques & forms directly on the wooden man followed by applications. This class is great toughen body and make the blocks stronger and improve your close quarters combat.

All beginner levels are learner paced! The training is exciting, fast-paced and fun!

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