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Tai Chi Utah Pa Kua Chang, Hsing I, Taylorsville, West Valley, Salt Lake, Murray
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Utah Salt Lake Shaolin Kung Fu Tai Chi

Qigong or Chi Kung is an aspect of traditional Chinese medicine involving the coordination of different breathing patterns with various physical postures and motions of the body.

Our school teaches Tai Chi, Pa Kua, Hsing I and more.
Shao-Lin is also unique for it's depth of Internal Breathing “Chi Kung” training:

      Wai Tan Chi Kung (Hard)
           Ta Mo's I Chin Ching (Muscle-Tendon Change Classic)
           San He Chien (Iron Monk Training)
           Yueh Fei's 18 Continous Postures (Se Pa Kwan)
           Yueh Fei’s 8 Brocades
           Iron Bone, Iron Shin, Iron Forearm, Iron Palm Training

      Nei Tan Chi Kung (Soft)
           Hou Tien Chi (Beginning Level Meditation)
           Hsien Tien Chi (Advance Level Meditation)
           Hua To's Five Animal Frolics (Wu Hsing Chuan)
           Ta Mo's Bone Marrow Washing

...including, numerous Tai Chi Chuan (Taijiquan) Styles such as:

     Tai Chi Chuan (Grand Ultimate Fist)
           Combined Style Tai Chi Chuan
           Yang Style Tai Chi Chuan
           Chen Style Tai Chi Chuan
      Tai Chi Weapons:
           Tai Chi Straight Sword (Chien)
           Tai Chi Iron Fan (San)
           Tai Chi Broad Sword (Tao)

...as well as advanced, Internal Classical Styles, such as:

     Pa Kua Chang or "Bagua zhang" (8 Changes of the Palms)
           Classical Pa Kua Chang
           8 Animal Pa Kua Chang
           Dragon Pa Kua Chang
           Snake Pa Kua Chang
      Pa Kua Weapons:
           Pa Kua Sun & Moon Forks
           Pa Kua Tao
           Pa Kua Seven Star Staff

     Hsing-I Chuan or "Xingi" (Mind/Form Fist)
           Hsing-I 5 Roads
           Hsing-I Linkage
           Hsing-I 12 Animals
           Hsing-I 2 Person Fighting Set
           Hsing-I Pang Lung Chien (Entwine the Dragon Sword)

     Fu Chia Chien( Buddha Family Fist)
     Meteor Fist (Liu Hsing Ch’uan)

again, to name a few.


All Internal Arts are included with any regular membership or can be done as only Tai Chi and Chi Kung for half of the regular prices. Learn more about the highly affordable memberships available. Learn more about the Kung Fu curriculum. If your Ready learn how to Get Started!