The schools under the guidance of Elder Masters David and Sharon Soard trace their lineage through three incredible Grandmasters to the Fukien Shao-Lin temple in Southern China. The first Grandmaster of our direct lineage is Grandmaster Su Kong T'ai Djin. He was born in Fukien Province in 1849 with a genetic mutation causing the entire body to be covered with hair. Thinking their baby a demon, his parents left him abandoned in the woods where he was rescued by the monks who lived in the nearby temple, from certain death. The monks knowing the outside world would hold strong prejudices against such a disfigurement decided to raise the child themselves rather than try to find a caring family to adopt him. The young child broke barriers in the temple that had never before been crossed, learning from each master rather than being assigned to just one. With this type of training  Grandmaster Su became the first person in history to complete and master every branch of the Shao-Lin training!!

Never before had such a feat been achieved, for the average monk only learned and mastered up to one tenth of the entire wealth of knowledge Shao-Lin had to offer. With this knowledge and skill he was appointed Grandmaster of the temple and held that position until the temple was finally destroyed by the emperor's army led by a renegade monk. Learning of the eminent destruction of the temple, Grandmaster Su and his disciples abandoned the temple and retreated into the mountains to further their training and preserve the art for Shao-Lin.One of the students following Grandmaster Su into the outlying area was a monk named Ie Chang Ming. Born in 1880, Ie was admitted into the temple at a young age after endearing several challenges and tests wherein the monks measured his quality of spirit and character. As Ie grew his knowledge and martial skill became vast, his training so intense and dedicated he was known for sleeping in the Iron Bar Posture where only his head and heels would make contact across the span of two wooden benches, deep in meditation!

One evening as Grandmaster Ie was taking a shortcut through what he believed to be an abandoned military encampment he was surprised be a sentry. Soon the numbers grew from one sentry to eleven, each taunting and becoming increasingly more aggressive to the passing monk. All eleven men lost their lives in the resulting fight when Grandmaster Ie was finally provoked into action. This confrontation led to a bounty on Grandmaster Ie Chang Ming's head, resulting in his fleeing into Indonesia where he eventually settled in Bandung. Eventually, Granmaster Ie set up a school there and continued the tradition of the Shao-Lin Monastery's kung fu.
The current Grandmaster of the Complete Shao-Lin System, Grandmaster Sin Kwang The', was born in Bandung in 1943. His family had several Shao-Lin ancestors and young Sin was drawn to martial training. Sin heard about Grandmaster Ie's school and stopped in to watch. Amazed by the forms of training and diversity of styles he saw being practiced, young Sin knew this was the school for him. Again, after several trials and challenges to measure his dedication, 7 year old Sin Kwang The' was accepted as a student under Grandmaster Ie's supervision. After several types of advanced training Grandmaster Ie knew Sin Kwang The' would someday be ready for the title of Grandmaster. By 1968 Master Sin's training was complete, soon after Grandmaster awarded him with the rank of 10th degree and the Grandmaster's Red Belt. Sin Kwang The' had become the youngest person in the history of Shao-Lin to carry the title of Grandmaster. Grandmaster The' continues the legacy of our Shao-Lin ancestors, keeping the arts alive here in America, ensuring they thrive for centuries to come even greater than they have in the past!


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Grandmaster Su Kong Tai Djin, Grandmaster Ie Chang Ming, Grandmaster Sin Kwang The
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