We offer training that you cannot find anywhere else in Utah! We have the most comprehensive martial art from the Orient and Shao-Lin Kung-Fu is considered the origin of all martial arts.

To find some aspect of real Shao-Lin Kung-Fu elsewhere, you would have to travel thousands of miles around the world, pay hundreds of thousands of dollars, and employ the services of over a dozen different instructors. And even if you found someone teaching real Shao-Lin Kung-Fu, you would only find a fraction of the knowledge that the Chinese Shao-Lin Center has to offer!

When you study at the Chinese Shao-Lin Center in Salt Lake City, you are, without a doubt, studying at the finest school in Utah - and at a price that EVERYONE can afford and will continue to afford throughout their lifetime of training!

   - First Trial Month $30
   -Try Shao-Lin with NO OBLIGATIONS or commitments!
   - includes all Kung Fu classtimes available to beginners as well as Tai Chi & All practice hours!

No Contracts!!
We do NOT believe in dealing with contracts. All memberships are paid in full.

Month-to-Month Membership: $80 per month

Or SAVE even more by paying in advance with these Memberships:

3 Month Membership: $175
   Paid in Full (Save $65 from Regular Monthly membership)

6 Month Membership: $270
   Paid in Full (Save $210 from Regular Monthly membership)

1 Year Membership: $450
   Paid in Full (Save $510 from Regular Monthly membership)

Registration Fee: $40(one time fee)
   (Not Required until after your first month) Includes your Student Training Manual.

Uniform (Gi): $40
   (1st month is optional; students may wear any loose fitting clothing
    during the first month or you may purchase a uniform.)

Membership begins the date you join class.... You may freeze your 3-Month, 6-Month, or 1-Year Membership once, by giving prior written notice. Your 1st day back in class will unfreeze your membership!

Cash, Check or Credit Card......All fees are non-refundable.
Chinese Shaolin Center of Utah accepts Visa and MasterCard Credit Cards


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